Sonntag, 19. September 2021

Moonlight Shadows Tag


Welcome everyone!


I was inspired to create a romantic tag with this awesome moorish window.

 I used only a few colours and completed this depiction of a moonlit night

 with a cutting die, a moon sticker and some dried nature materials.


 some close up's

used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Stone Mullion Narrow Moorish Window

 Thorned Rose Scroll - Flora & Fauna Flourish Style 24

 Spider Web - MDF Corner Wood Shape

 MDF Tag Shape - Classic



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Happy crafting!


Fall in coffee - Moodboard inspiration for Dusty Attic


Welcome creative friends!

Our monthly Moodboard is an absolutely wonderful inspiration, 

I'm a big fan of monochrome color themes,
 it has so much harmony and peacefulness for me.



I was inspired  to try something new again.

I wanted to bring more life into the flat picture,

 so I decided to hang a simple awning over the photo.



Used two straws, a border cutting die for front edge and matching paper.

Together with an outcast from silicone mould (Katy Sue Designs)

as a bottom border,

  a wonderful ambience in vintage style.


some close up's

Forget love, fall in COFFEE ;-)

In ancient or modern times, it has always been a fine thing
 to sit down with a friend in a street café and chat about all the world and his wife.

to give the layout a suitable aroma
 I worked with fresh coffee powder and beans 😄


used Dusty Attic chipboards and stencil


Coffee Bean Stencil


Mini Chair #2

Vintage Wire Table

Mini Tea Set


We are looking forward to see what you come up with this months challenge.
 Just put your own take of the challenge in the comments section of the Dusty FANattics facebook page HERE 

You could win one of two amazing Dusty Attic prize packs
...this year we are reverting back to the prize being a $50 (AUD) credit
 to the Dusty Attic website store so you can choose your very own designs.
I hope I could inspire you!
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Montag, 13. September 2021

Moonlight Lantern Halloween Tag


 Hi creative friends!


 I'm in love with the beautiful lantern from the Sizzix Thinlits Candlelight dies. 

It is so versatile, I'm looking forward to creating 

some christmas projects with it.

used cutting dies

Candlelight, Funky Nature, Crescent Moon and Stars, Cobweb, Gate keeper, Frightful Things



Happy crafting!


Samstag, 11. September 2021

Wildlife GD Katy Sue Design


 Welcome everyone!


Have you seen the latest silicone moulds at Katy Sue Design???

Was inspired from the amazing ' Elephant Family'

and want to try out to create a palm from some single 'Jungle leaves'.



 The zipper opens and a colourful jungle emerges from the grey everyday life.


used silicone moulds


Elephant Family; Mini Jungle Leaves; 

6 inch Zip; Ropes and Knots


some close up's



it works, looks like a coconut palm, even with nuts

I had a lot of fun with the rüssel gang 😀

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Donnerstag, 9. September 2021

Fairy Dreams for 13arts

 Welcome creative friends!


I was inspired to create a fantasy fairy layout in mixed media style.


Have you seen yet the latest 'Aurora' collection from 13arts???

Fantastic, love the magical atmosphere and the colour shades of blue and green.

Some amazing little fairies fond in Ephemera inspired me. 


used 13@rts products


Aurora collection

some close up's

I hope I could inspire you to try our newest collection Aurora !

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Happy crafting!

Summer Dreams for Dusty Attic


Welcome creative friends!


Kerstin here, to share a new inspiration layout

with Dusty Attic chipboards.

I was inspired to create a romantic and dreamy layout in monochrome colour scheme

Love  to work with few colours, so the photo is more in focus, it radiates calmness and harmony.


I used an amazing background paper from a 13arts  collection 'Dreamland'.

Suitable to this natural theme I found at Dusty Attic

 a lot of matching chipboards like wildflowers, leaves and grasses. 

Foliage, Flowers & Branches


some close up's 


used Dusty Attic chipboards


Fancy Trim #19

 Blooms #1

Wildflower #1

Delightfully Ordinary Moments

Grass Clusters #2



I hope I could inspire you!

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Samstag, 4. September 2021

Skull & Ghosts - Pirates curse


 Welcome everyone!


Have you seen the latest Hanging kits on Calico Craft Parts???

Awesome 🎃👀🎃, such a lot of creative possibilities!! 

Over the next few weeks I will introduce you three different variants.


New Skull & Ghosts - MDF Halloween Hanger Kit

Today, a jewel to stand up 😀


Do you fear death??? Who doesn't know this famous saying from the Pirates of the caribbean?!

That was my inspiration for this extraordinary home decor piece,

 that looks very good in the wall unit or on the shelf, 

with dim lighting it looks even more interesting.



some close up's


used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Skull & Ghosts - MDF Halloween Hanger Kit

 Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Cogs - Style 1

Pocket Compass

 Galleon Boat MDF Wood Shape - Style 2

Hammerhead Shark 

 Coral - MDF Wood Shape Style 6

Dotted Peacock Weed - MDF Seaweed Wood Shape Style 3

octopus arms, the anchor chain and the pirate head were made with the help of silicon moulds


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Happy crafting!