Samstag, 23. Januar 2021

Experience Winter Charm

 Hello creative friends!


I was inspired to create another mixed media project in wintry mood. I used a round plaque as base.

The small stairs and the roof was made with Notched Rectangle - Mini MDF Wood Shapes,

these are very exited little shapes, that have stimulated my imagination.


full spotlight is the order of  the day 😀


some close up's

small stair steps attached with wood glue

two mini shapes became a roof over the door


 which Calico Craft Parts I used 

can you find here


Continue with your good work und keep your tail up! 


Many thanks!


Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Beauty of Winter DT Maja Design


 Welcome creative friends!


Winter isn't my favourite season, but this season also holds beautiful magical moments for us. One of them is when there has been hoar frost, everything sparkles and glitters and the world is like enchanted.

I was inspired to create a layout in grey, purple and red shades, our latest paper collection 'Winter is coming' was absolutely perfect for these wintry hues. 

I used a black-and-white photography, which really came into its own 

with the Maja winter papers used. 

The elegant lady besides makes us literally feel the icy temperatures.


some close up's


 which Maja Design papers I used 

can you find here


I hope I could inspire you to try your own idea in a original project !

Wish you a beautiful wintertime!

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2021

Dance of snowflakes

 Welcome creative friends!

I was inspired to create a winter mood canvas in mixed media style.

I borrowed an acrylic ornament from the christmas tree and 

turned a ballerina into a dancing snowflake.



some close up's

which  Calico Craft Parts I used 

can you find here


Happy crafting!


Samstag, 9. Januar 2021

Winter Tales - Altered Book

 Welcome in a new creative year!

 Today the first fresh snow has fallen this winter, the landscape is transformed into a winter wonderland, 

simply fabulous and the right inspiration for a new book in Altered Art.







How you can create a book in Altered Art


basic materials

Dusty Attic chipboards;

Stamperia Paper 'Wintertales';

old book



1 separate the text with the help of a ruler and sharp cutter 

Tip: especially with older books where the paper is already very brittle, it does not have to be a straight cut, you can also simply tear them out by hand, this gives a wonderful old weathered look

2 choose a paper of your choice and stick it on the first and last page of your book


3 prime the chipboards with white acrylic paint and 

sprinkle deco snow into the paint while it is still wet 

Tip:  there are various types available commercially


4  now you can stick on your two book pages, paint them, decorate them with cutting dies,

 sayings or whatever other decoration you can think of

 Tip: for a 3D effect you can glue the chipboards and cut-out paper motifs between

 the single paper sheets too

5  I have also made a standing surface out of cardboard,  

book stands better and you can complement the theme with a landscape

I cut out a matching semicircle and transformed it into a winter landscape 

with white gesso and Deco snow


some close up's


 which  Dusty Attic chipboards I used

 can you find here

 I hope I could inspire you to try something completely different
 with the awesome chippies from Dusty Attic!

Happy crafting!!




Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2020

Creative Journey with Dusty Attic

 Welcome creative friends!

The year is almost over and a new and hopefully better year is just around the corner. 

I 'm happy to continue my creative journey with Dusty Attic, thanks so much!!

 I especially love the nature inspired chippies, they fit many themes, 

like right now the newly discovered garden pieces

We have winter here now, but especially in the grey dreary time the

 anticipation of spring is all the greater.



But now to my mixed media layout of today, a real shower of stars 😃

a fireworks  that will for understandable reasons not take place in the night

 of our New Year's Eve this year.

 That is  probably the reason why there had to be so many stars. 

 I practically exploded the fireworks here using chippies, stamps and stencils, 

a lot of golden stars in the dark blue night sky.

some close up's


Dusty Attic chipboards    


I hope I have inspired you to take another look at the great and very versatile offer

 of  Dusty Attic chipboards and let new creative ideas sprout in your head.

Wish you a happy, healthy 

and peaceful Happy New Year creative friends!


Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2020

Bring the Light

 Merry Christmas 

creative friends!

Difficult times for all of us, no question, but still you have to try to make the best of it
 and not lose hope, 
I know that is not always easy.
I have packed all my thoughts and feelings into this new project.

I used this very amazing Tombstone thickboard tag (Stampers Anonymous) as base.
 I'm in love with all the 3D layers, they give the project a wonderful depth and liveliness. 

some close up's


I always liked the little guy very much (Santa's little helper Sizzix)
and he was just the right ambassador for my christmas project.


Enjoy a few beautiful hours

 in the circle of your loved ones !!!





Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2020

In Christmas Baking DT Maja Design

 Welcome Maja friends!

Have you seen the latest Maja Design collection by name 'Traditional Christmas' ?!

Great classical christmas colours, green and red, plaid, dotted ... which gave me the idea to create a cheerful canvas as a kitchen picture.

We love baking cookies with the kids in the run-up to christmas. it always takes a little longer and the kitchen is unrecognizable afterwards, but it's always a lot of fun. 




more details and useful tips can you find here

some close up's

the flour just sticks everywhere ;-)

a flower cluster made with pointsettia cutting dies

Many thanks!