Samstag, 26. November 2022

Fabric Art collage - Peace on Earth - Winterdream


  Hello everyone!


 I felt like working with fabric scraps again and create a art collage

 in winter christmas mood.


I sewed an adorable winter cottage from fabric scraps 

and  mixed different fabrics with jeans,

 added a door with a MDF shape. The natural colors of the shapes 

contrast very well with denim.

Several structure in background were made with fabric, 

wallpaper and corrugated cardboard


Baubles got some silver glitter and were backed with linen fabric.




some details


used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


 I hope you find inspiration!


Wishing you a happy advent season!


Mittwoch, 23. November 2022

Guest Design Craft O' Clock - Altered Book Christmas


Welcome creative souls!


Today another guest design inspiration, it's a vintage book in Altered Art. 

I love to create books in Altered Art and such a lot of 

beautiful christmas motifs in the - Warm and Peaceful - collection have 

invited me to design it.


I used a 20 x 20 cm background paper from this collection and

 endless motifs to cut out, that made the scissors glow 😁

they were supplemented with suitable cutting dies, a little tree and cones. 

Cut out motifs were arranged in several layers of the gutted old books,

creating an amazing 3d effect.




some details




Thanks for your visit!


Happy advent season!


Montag, 14. November 2022

Creativity is ... with 13arts


 Welcome everyone!


 Have you seen yet the latest 13arts collections???


Amazing, one of them a limited edition is 'City Lights' .

A young modern design, very graphic, main colors are pink and black, 

so totally different from my usual style. 

But I love such challenges, you can rediscover yourself.


I have combined the mixed media layout with the theme 

What is creativity??? 

 I used some papers from this collection as background and layers
and created with some stripes 3 rays - the city lights,
 in addition I use cutout motifs, a stencil and chipboards.
Some denim leftovers from an old jeans provide a cool look.
It could also be an art journal page 
because it has expressive power and tells a story.

used 13arts products



 some close up's




I hope I could awaken your imagination and inspiration.


Happy creating!


Samstag, 12. November 2022

Altered Bottle Xmas

 Hello everyone!
Although Halloween is over,  these are the magical times of the year, 
we start with the preparations for christmas and 
long dark evenings invite again to tell stories.
I was inspired to create a new christmas gift project, 
it's a bottle in Altered Art.
I worked with Decoupage technique and combined this mixed media piece
 with MDF shapes, outcast's from silicone moulds and a lot of snow texture.

used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Fleur De Lis Wrought Iron Style Fence Panel

 Sheet of Mini MDF Street Lamps

Holly Leaf & Berry Flourish - MDF Lace Cut Wood Shape

Holly & Berry Border Flourish - MDF Lace Cut Wood Shape

Sheet of Mini MDF Christmas Wood Shapes - Snowflakes 1


some details


I hope you find inspiration!

 Have a good time!

Thanks for stopping by...until next time



Donnerstag, 10. November 2022

GD Craft O' Clock - Home Decor Age of Mysteries


Welcome creative souls!


I was invited to create some guest design projects
 with the amazing paper collections
 There you can find a lot of motifs for cut out 
for all events and creative ideas. 
Thanks so much for your invitation!!


As I saw the Age of Mysteries paper collection I had the inspiration

 to use some wooden letters as base for a gift idea. 

It's a home decor piece as desk or shelf decoration,

you can attach an individual funny photo and

 it's always an interesting eyecatcher.

An individuel gift,  simple and quickly made.

I used a 20 x 20 cm background paper from this collection 

and some cut out motifs, which were  supplemented 

with suitable cutting dies and two metallic elements.


 some close up's


Thanks for your visit!


Happy crafting!


Mittwoch, 9. November 2022

Altered Book with Dusty Attic


Welcome creative souls!


 A little bit late for Halloween, I know
but our nights in November are also always very dark, 
misty and mysterious.
Some would also say after Halloween is before Halloween, 
but I'm not such a big fan of this event, I
 rather love the magic and mystery and the great fantasy behind it.


 I created a book in Altered Art, love this old, weathered look
it fits to a mystery atmosphäre
and invite to tell fantasy stories.
Dusty Attic  has a large selection of chipboards
 for such stories in the assortment, love that!

used Dusty Attic chipboards


Web Corners #2 

Poppy Heads Small 




Witches Hats 


Haunted House #4 



Bugs #2 


Mini Pumpkins 


Bats #2 


Old Wooden Fence #3 


Owls #3 



some close up's



Thanks for your visit!


Happy crafting!