Saturday, May 29, 2021

Altered Bottle Fairy House


Welcome creative friends!


I was inspired to create another bottle in altered art with illuminated effect. 

It's a little fairy house in enchanted forest.



Tips & Tricks 

DIY a bark roof

Sizzix 3D Texture fades 'Lumber'

Sizzix Bigz 'Planks'

colored with shades of green

dry brushed with white gesso

highlighted with a mini window and lantern, 

moss and a piece of dried tree bark

1. first punch out different sizes of the planks

2. embossing a wooden structure

3. use firstly Distress Stain and then the Distress crayon, I like to smudge it with my fingers

4. I divided some planks again and applied a total of 15 strips around the bottle with
    construction ahesive

5.  for a better fixation I have wrapped a firm strip around it and I bent the lower ends
     slightly upwards

6.  decorate the whole bark roof



some close up's


some stairs created with a worked fence

used Calico Craft Parts


Arched Door with Window Panel 

Blackberry Bramble

 Wild Rose Vine - Flora & Fauna Flourish Style 1

Sheet of Mini MDF Window Wood Shapes

 Picket Fence Panel MDF Wood Shape - Style 3

Sheet of Mini MDF Hinges Wood Shapes

Sheet of Mini Insects - MDF Wood Shapes Style 1

I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your 

own visions and ideas!


Thanks for your visit!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Stairs to Happiness 13@rts 'In Love'


Welcome creative friends!


 May is the classic month when people like to get married. Everything is green and in bloom, the sun is shining, perfect conditions to say YES to each other. 

I was inspired to create a mixed media layout with an absolutely suitable paper collection from 13@rts.

'In Love ' beautiful flowers in very brightly colours blue, green and white.

I added also some cutouts from transparent foil, also find in 'Young and Free' collection, one of my favourite stamps 'Rhapsody Punch' and the Color Glow 'Tansanite' for background design.


some close up's


some small stairs to happiness, created with MDF shapes


cutout motif bride highlighted with lace, pearls and white gaze

cutting die Sizzix • Bigz 'Cathedral window' as entrance to the church



I hope I could inspire you !
Thanks for your visit!
Happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Forgotten Gardens for Dusty Attic May Moodboard


Welcome creative friends!

Our monthly Moodboard is an absolutely wonderful inspiration, 

love the nature feeling and the delightful colors.
I was inspired to create a mixed media layout in romantic style. 
I love it to discover forgotten or very old gardens, 
they have a special charme for me.


I used an amazing background paper from 13arts 'Bella' collection, 

love the awesome old door in weathered wood style. She was perfect for an 3D effect.

Suitable to this natural garden theme I found at Dusty Attic

 a lot of matching chipboards like wildflowers, leaves and grasses. 

Foliage, Flowers & Branches

Together with some outcast's from Prima Redesign silicone moulds

 a perfect mixture for me.

some close up's




Frangipani #3 + Tropical Foliage #6

primed with white gesso and colored with dark blue in centre and light blue for the petals 

foliage with light green and dry brushed with moos green


 fragments from DeVine Frame Set colored with shades of green acrylic color, 

stamped with black archival ink (script stamp) and dry brushed with white gesso

 Foliage #3

with white embossing powder 


Bluebells #1

colored with bright green, blue and white acrylic color

highlighted with Glass Microbeads  


open door pasted behind with garden photo and cuttings of old book pages

used Dusty Attic chipboards


DeVine Frame Set

 Foliage #3

Tropical Foliage #6

Frangipani #3

Bluebells #1

Tea Leaves



We are looking forward to see what you come up with this months challenge.
 Just put your own take of the challenge in the comments section of the Dusty FANattics facebook page HERE 

You could win one of two amazing Dusty Attic prize packs
...this year we are reverting back to the prize being a $50 (AUD) credit
 to the Dusty Attic website store so you can choose your very own designs.
I hope I could inspire you!
Thanks for your visit!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Atelier Mixty Motions


Welcome creative friends!


I was inspired to create a mini atelier in grunge style with a touch of steampunk.

 I used the lower part of a cardboard gift box and as background old book paper

 with white crackle paste

 and distress ink for stains and splashes.



 some close up's


I love to design shelves in 3D look, here 2 supports

MDF Wood Corner Style 6 - Sunbeam 60 x 60 mm

+ one

Rounded Rectangle Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board 

100 x 50 mm

+ and as front panel

Steampunk Mechanical Cogs Motif Style 1

 colored with black acrylic paint 

and a special embossing powder


 which Calico Craft Parts I used 

can you find here



I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your own visions and ideas!


Thanks for your visit!


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Walpurgis Night for Dusty Attic


Hello creative friends!


It's a big tradition here to welcome spring and celebrate 'Dance in May'.

 I live near the mountains Harz where the Brocken is the highest mountain peak.

 In  Walpurgis Night (in German folklore the night from 30 April to 1 May), 

when witches meet there, hold revels with the devil and await the arrival of spring.

 Mystical fires, eerily beautiful witches and the dance into may make it to a magical night.

 In normal good times, the beginning of spring is celebrated in a big way. 

Unfortunately it could not take place again this year, but this special magic

 of this festival has inspired me again.




I used a funny postcard as inspiration and choose some suitable natural chipboards elements.

Love the  trees, they really look like the spruces on the Brocken, awesome!!


some close up's

! Wanted !

 - Talented female co-pilot with flying licence 


multi-engine multifunction broom -



Dusty Attic chipboards


Winters Forest Small

 Cogs #3

Foliage #3

Mini Branches #1



Toadstools #2


I hope I could inspire you!
Thanks for your visit!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Art Journal page by Kerstin

 Welcome creative friends!


Today I want to share with you another view on projects that you can create 
with Calico Craft Parts shapes. 
I was inspired to work on a new art journal  page in a natural vintage
 and grunge style. 
I love to combine materials with different structures and textures. 

 Here I used dried leaves, paper and fabric leftovers, 
stamps and stencils, distress inks and for a kind of 3D effect an amazing key.
some close up's


 I hope I could inspire you !

Happy crafting!


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mr. Handsome for 13arts Moodboard Challenge


 Hello creative friends!


Have you seen our latest May Moodboard theme???

Really great, it makes you want to hear cool inventions and stories, 

modern or vintage, old or young.

Mr. Handsome collection is absolutely perfect for this mood, I love all the papers

 and other innovative products in this very awesome collection, 

especially the denim papers creates an appetite for more.



  Dear Sir!

I used to be cool

 - NOW -

I'm just my dogs snack dealer 😎


but I'm just happy and feel privileged 😅 !!


Use at least two colors from the board for your project, at least one product of the 13arts company. Please add the project on your IG site with the #13artsMay21 and follow @13arts account. 

Be inspired by our mood board and create a project of your own. 

The winner will receive a giftpack full of @13arts products 

and will be our Guest Designer next month. 

some close up's


Besides the very cool papers from 'Mr. Handsome' collection, I used some motifs

 from Artbook II and two Color Glow's 'Tanzanite' and 'Tiger Eye' 

and like many times before Rusty Bronze powder with the suitable Rust Reagenz.

We are looking forward to see what you come up 

with this months challenge.


Happy crafting!