Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Little christmas lantern


Hello everyone!


Have you seen the latest 3D lantern kits at Calico Craft Parts???

Amazing,  also as a gift idea to assemble yourself.

You can glue them together quickly with wood glue. 

I chose the option  -Engraved - with some filgree snowflakes.

Extra Tip!

There is a small hole in the centre of the lantern

 to fit the tip of an electric tea light, 

the plastic sleeve acts as a small base, great!




I decorated the lantern with some slightly glittering snow effects, 

after all, we're all dreaming of white christmas, right? 😀


Perspex windows were sprayed with ice crystal spray, 

the ice flower effect on the panes creates a magical atmosphere.

I also glued the little boy with the sledge in the middle of the lantern

 (the shape was cut in two and glued offset). 

The lighting creates interesting shadow effects.


 used MDF shapes




Thanks for stopping by...until next time!

🎇  Wish you a beautiful advent season  🎇


Saturday, December 9, 2023

The other bucket list



 Hello everyone!


 December has started, and everyone is searching for the ideal present again. 

But there are more significant things, especially during this time of year.

 This is the focus of my project today. 

I created a canvas with a modified wish list that serves

 as a reminder of the special moments of the Christmas season.




some close up's


  used chipboards  


Hanging Lamp #1
Wordpl@y #4 BLACK
Christmas Ornaments Mini
Ornate Pendants #1
Stars #4


 Thanks for your visit!
Happy Advent season!