Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mixed Media Seaside Serenity and Festa da Flores


Today two projects with some awesome products from

Dusty Attic

Our September Moodboard 

After 10 years we visited again the Flower Festival in spring.
There was an enchanting flower parade, where people danced happily through the streets. 
A sea of colours, shapes and scents, simply unforgettably beautiful.

 I chose the paints suitable to our monthly Moodboard.


'The bare necessities - Probier's mal mit Gem├╝tlichkeit'

Mixed Media canvas

 more informations how you can make a hammock
easy and fast

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Happy crafting!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bewitched for Calico Craft Parts

Hello crafty friends!

I was inspired to use an old picture frame in the shape of a house and created an shadow frame in mixed media style.

Some of you may remember last year when I was totally in love with this ravishing devil, I love it when he so casually swings his leg over the edge, so he can always sit down very effectively.

He needs a stick of dynamite under the backside

 so he sat on the fireplace and in this year he made himself comfortable on the roof ridge.

We know a very funny saying here, which is always used with a wink of the eye 
when someone is too careful with his things:

 ... 'and he swung from chandelier to chandelier to spare the carpet'. :-)

Sometimes I don't dare to use all the wonderful craft treasures, 
but if they're just lying in the closet, nobody can see 
what you're doing with them, right?! 

more details can you find here

Happy crafting!

Friday, September 20, 2019

I'm here for the Boss

Hello friends!

Friday again - spooky time :-)

Today my first project on this very amazing Tombstone thickboard tag, 
I'm in love with all the 3D layers, they give the project a wonderful depth and liveliness.

some details

- Prisoner of time - 

 Tips & Tricks

firstly I used two clockfaces, one as background and another (metal embellishment from Prima Marketing)  for the dimensional dome

1. use a dimensional dome (Sizzix)

2. use a crackle glaze and Distress Spray Stain 'Vintage Photo' for the inner side of the dome

3. glue the upper part of the ghost (cutting die 'Frightful things' Sizzix Thinlits) from the inside

is that right?

Isn't there more in life?

Think about it for a moment and treat yourself to something beautiful, 
just for yourself, something that makes you happy and frees your soul!

I want to share this 

#80 Kerstin – Meihsia says; This is such a fun and fantastic Halloween project! I love those awesome 3D embellishments and all the spooky details on this piece. Such a great inspiration!


Many many thanks :-)!!

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Memories for Maja Design

Hello dear Maja friends!

Fall is knocking on our door and this is the most beautiful time for us after this most dryness and heat to go into the forest and enjoy the nature. I always like to remember our childhood 
where we used to play in the woods and look for adventures.

I used some beautiful vintage papers from the 'Vintage Summer Basic' collection, here you can find a lot of various paper sheets in delicate colours, always suitable for a memory layout.

more details can you find here

Have you seen our awesome September Moodboard? 

These wonderful autumn colours don't only fit into this season, 
they can also inspire to create a vintage project.

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Happy crafting!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Make a bonfire with some ghost's

Hello creative friends!

Today a new Halloween inspiration, it's a mixed media shadow box.

I was always on search for an amazing bonfire dies and as I saw
 the new Thinlits 'Frightful Things', especially the ghost dies,
 yes, that's awesome, I'll make it into a bonfire.

How to ... 


 1. punch out three ghosts (Sizzix Thinlits 'Frightful things)

2. tear off the upper body

3. glue the lower parts together slightly offset

4. now design with the colours of your choice

some details

OMG,  he has a hole in his hat :-)
Let your imagination run free!


#197 Kerstin F – Los says: I love how Kerstin made a bonfire in a shadow box! The whole design is just fabulous, brilliant attention to detail and super creepy!!


 Thanks soo much!!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Never give up for Calico Craft Parts

Hello creative friends!

There are also times in life when you have to encourage yourself, when everything is just grey and black and you feel frozen inside. Many of us know that, but nobody dares to talk about it, because it doesn't fit into this perfect world and yet it belongs to it. Nobody can always be strong!
In one of these darker hours I created this mixed media Halloween tag.

Do you know the amazing MDF Tag Shape from Calico Craft Parts? I love these  shapes because they are very sturdy and don't deform when you are working with a lot of water. You can make them so versatile, quickly implement an idea and work with much or little time. 
The perfect project for quick styling in between times :-) !

side view

  Tips & Tricks

1. Curtain of rags made with gauze and black acrylic paint
   cut off a square piece of gauze, ink it with black paint, let it dry and cut some irregular strips in it
then use a small strip of cardboard and glue it on the upper part 

2. I used the Sizzix Bigz 'Windows frame' (only the frame piece) 
and made two parts into a double  

3. a 3D shelf  made with a mixed media board, 
the form I used is currently not available in the shop, 
    but you can also use the other shapes, 
which I linked below

I just split it in half and glue it with a hot glue gun
For more stability I used two cardboard pieces, as you can see on the bottom image.
4. I used the punched interior parts of the window frame as masonry pieces.

moe details can you find here


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Let your imagination run free!


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Enter if you dare

Hello creative friends!

and the Halloween fun goes on :-)

I was on a flea market and found a orange bamboo place mat, 
the color had something of Halloween and an idea was born in my head.


How you can make

 an easy eyecatcher for your Halloween project


place mat 

the upper edge can be easily cut with a fine saw 
and for the thin bamboo sticks a pair of scissors is sufficient

 after i have cut the right size, the two lower threads have to be knotted several times

... and now  you can give her a weathered old look
to let the paint peel off you can use sandpaper or a fine saw 

you can paint them, stamp them or even write on them 

'Shock your parents, read a book' :-)

some details

The magic book

I want to share this
I used clear acetate for the broken window pane

Update: Spotlight

#64 Kerstin – Andrea says: This is filled with all sorts of spooktacular textural goodness!  What a treat for the eyes!  And the fact that a place mat inspired this made me all the more impressed.  What an excellent reminder that inspiration can come from anywhere!

Happy crafting!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Another path


You inspired us with a lot of truly creative Steampunk and Industrial projects 
in our Summer Special challenge! 
Many thanks!

September has begun and a new inspiration it's on the agenda.

I was inspired to create a new canvas with an important saying.

Tips & Tricks

as basic I used a the backside from a canvas

1. a big moon was cut out of a remaining wallpaper and embossed with embossing folder 'Gears'

2. I was amazed from the new Galaxy Glitter 'Black Hole' a magic effect  which unfortunately can't 
    be captured well with the camera.

3. 'Theories' (Stampers Anynymous) stamped on craft paper and distressed

4. 'Tree lines' cutting die (Sizzix) used with black velour paper

some details

Happy crafting!