Thursday, February 23, 2023

Magic frost flowers with Dusty Attic February Moodboard


Welcome creative friends!

Our monthly Moodboard is an absolutely wonderful natural inspiration, 

Love the color theme, it reminds me on sunsets by the sea
 it has so much harmony and peacefulness for me.
So I was inspired to create a new magical layout in mixed media style, 
  I chose the delicate variation of this Moodboard colour palette
 to match an icy frosty winter morning.

 The chipboards were primed with white gesso and partially decorated 
with a little silver glitter paint. I reassembled the pearl pendant and
 added an ornate pendant.
Extra tip:
I turned all the paper flowers into ice flowers by first dipping them
 in liquid white acrylic paint and then sprinkled with synthetic snow 
to give them a quick and easy frosty look.


some close up's 


 used Dusty Attic chipboards


Star Banner 
 Elegant Pearls
Christmas Berries #1
Ornate Pendants #1
Pine Sprigs #2
Snowflakes #1
Flower Buds #1

We are looking forward to see what you come up with this months challenge.
 Just put your own take of the challenge in the comments section
 of the Dusty FANattics facebook page HERE 

You could win one of two amazing Dusty Attic prize packs
...this year we are reverting back to the prize being a $50 (AUD) credit
 to the Dusty Attic website store so you can choose your very own designs.

Thanks for stopping by...until next time!


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Altered Book - Springtime in Forest


Hello creative friends!


Many of us are eagerly awaiting spring,

 more sun, more warmth, more nature. on my windowsill 

the hyacinths and primroses are blooming and fragrant,

 high time for a new spring decoration.  😀




I created an Altered book with a background paper from Stamperia (Forest)

a lot of suitable chipboards from Dusty Attic

and dried nature materials.

 Maybe you can still remember on

this new book is to continue the series, now it's springtime in the forest.





 some close up's


😀 Next forest book is already in planning 😀

Spring can come!!!


Thanks for your visit,



Saturday, February 11, 2023

Little forest house


 Hello everyone!


 When I saw the latest Birdhouse Kits from Calico Craft Parts
 I was inspired to create a magical little forest house. 
I used a simple wooden birdhouse as base, worked with some
 suitable MDF shapes and natural dried materials. 
The perfect addition for me was the sunbeam door 
and the little spider web canopy, they take us into an enchanted world 
where elves feel at home.





used MDF shapes


 Sunbeam Glazed Door

Maidenhair Fern MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

Spider Web - MDF Corner Wood Shape

 Winter Tree Scene MDF Wood Shape - Style 3

Toadstools on Toadstools

 Trefoil Border Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board

 Sheet of Mini MDF Window Wood Shapes



side view
some close up's




 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!





Thursday, February 9, 2023

Winter Time with Dusty Attic

 Hello everyone!
 It's winter here, and the cold, snow and ice are back in full force.
 But a walk through the woods in an enchanted snowy 
winter landscape is always something special. 
A popular and important piece of clothing is the bobble hat, it can't be missing. 
I use it as inspiration for my new mixed media layout. Found this bobble hat 
in an old magazine, glued them onto sturdy cardboard and 
decorated them with white gesso and ice crystals. 
I used stencils, cutting dies, texture paper pieces and these wonderful
 Dusty Attic winter chipboards,
 love these spruce trees. 

I worked only with white gesso and added some synthetic snowflakes to the chippies. 
I also used die-cuts, which together with the chipboards bring more
 vividness and fullness to the layout. 
To bring more depth to the project, snowflowers, snowballs
 and fake fur stripes were used
in a wintery cluster.


some close up's



used Dusty Attic chipboards


Winters Forest #1

 Mini Branches #1

Pine Sprigs #2

Snowflakes #2 Small

Snowflakes #1 Small 



  I hope I could inspire you 

Thanks for your visit!


Saturday, February 4, 2023

Counterfeiting - Produktpiraterie

Hello everyone!


- Today one remark in our own interest -

I have discovered a brazen case of counterfeiting. 
Not only has my original been copied and imitated, but it is being sold in various shops
 with my original images.
Found it on Ebay; Amazon; Aliexpress
and various USA shops
 I point out that the design, size and material are not the same as the original 
and I have not given my consent to this! 
I expressly state that on my personal blog,  
Copyright Designs and text © Kerstin Filou
My creative project ideas are shared here for personal inspiration only 
and should not be copied for sale, publication or competition entry.


 photomontage with my original images

  original article can be found here
 Disappointed regards
from Kerstin