Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Lantern - On a frosty morning


 Hello everyone!


 Have you discovered the new lantern kit at Calico Craft Parts ???

I love lanterns that spread warmth and light, especially during the dark season.

Today the version with gothic windows. I chose the birch wood version with perspex

 and added some MDF parts. 

I treated the perspex windows with frost spray, which creates

 beautiful ice flowers and provides a magical atmosphere.

 When the electric tea light is lit, it looks like a sunrise on a frosty morning.










 Creative Tip:


 The MDF parts were not painted but finished with white gesso

 using the dry brush technique. 

This creates a good contrast to the warm birch wood tone.

The lantern was shaded only at the corners with liquid walnut ink.


some close up's



 used MDF shapes






 Thanks for stopping by...until next lantern 😀!


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Cobweb House in Winter




....  and suddenly it was winter 😀

The time goes by so fast. A classic Halloween house, which has just been lost in the fog,

 experiences the first snow.

 Felix the tomcat seems to be very comfortable. He walks across the roof with ease.






 some details

I fell in love with this unique house immediately. However, I couldn't use it for Halloween.
 I didn't want to wait until next October, so I put it into hibernation.
 I removed a few cobwebs (which I saved for future projects) and added wintry colours to turn this beautiful new kit into a winter home decor object.
It radiates cosiness and warmth while being illuminated by an electric tea light.



additional shapes


 🎇🎇 Happy New Year 🎇🎇




Monday, January 1, 2024

Favourites 2023


 Hello !


A new year has begun, the best time for a creative review.


 Mixed Media 





Es war kein einfaches Jahr, es kann also nur besser werden!!

Aufgeben ist keine Option!


In diesem Sinne  wünsche ich Euch 

ein friedlicheres, gesundes neues Jahr

mit vielen kleinen und großen Glücksmomenten!


Hoffen wir das Beste!