Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A visit in our garden DT Dusty Attic


 Welcome creative friends!


 Everything is covered in deep snow, it's freezing cold and you can get some exercise

 every day by swinging the snow shovel. Winter has us firmly in its grip.

A winter where you look forward to spring all the more. Hopefully it will be soon!


Today I want to share with you a 12 x 12 layout in wintry mood. 

The colours of our monthly Moodboard inspired me to create a scrapbook page

 with some impressions from our garden in winter time.



some close up's

Dusty Attic chipboards 


Mini Bare Tree #2

Grass Clusters #2

 Water Pumps

Mini Icicles

Birds a field

Fancy Trim #23


I hope I could inspire you!
Thanks for your visit!


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rustic shadow frame - Country Live


 Welcome creative friends!


I was inspired to create a rustic weathered wooden shadow frame in mixed media style.

 Background was made with decoupage technique, stencils, stamps and distress ink. 

I love taking parts apart and putting them back together again.

I divided the house and converted it into a chicken coop.

 The two chickens were also separated, probably because the couple had just had a fight, 

and a spatial separation is always a good idea ;-).





some close up's 


used Calico Craft Parts


Block Style MDF House Kit - Wide

Picket Fence Panel MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

Hen & Cockrell Beak to Beak

Sheet of Mini MDF Window Wood Shapes

Word Elements - Blank


I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your own visions and ideas!


Thanks for your visit!


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Winterdays DT Maja Design

 Welcome Maja friends!


Recently we have made a beautiful winter trip in the mountains 'Harz'.  
Snow and ice magically transformed the landscape into a winter fairy tale.

It's still February 

and winter has us in its grip with lots of snow and icy temperatures. 

A winter where you look forward to spring all the more. Hopefully it will be soon!



I used some paper sheets from the 'Holiday in the Alps' collection 

Snowflakes bs;  Slalom

more details here 



some close up's



other materials:

Chipboards from Dusty Attic; cutting dies, stencil, 

Modeling paste, white Gesso ; Snow Tex


Thanks for your visit!

Have a good time!


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Romance Vintage Time

 Welcome !


Happy Valentine's Day!! and

Warm greetings to all my creative friends all over the world 💖😍💖


Romance time is Vintagetime for me and so I created a mixed media layout

 where I used the amazing paper collection 'Rosalie' from 13arts. 

Romance and Rose simply belong together.




 some close up's 

Have a beautiful day with your loved ones!


 More than words Romance & Rose

Valentine's day and romance 

are simply inseparable from each other 

Hugs and Kisses 

from Kerstin

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Find Me for DT Dusty Attic

 Hello Dusty friends!

I'm back with a new mixed media layout in wintry mood. 

We are all longing for spring, but the next snow and a new cold are in the air again. 

Our dog is always very enthusiastic about a walk through the snowy winter forest,

 he loves to hide behind bushes and is happy when we discover him. 


 I used a background paper from Maja Design and created with stencil, cutting dies

 and some awesome chipboards a winter idyll, where some deer peacefully eat their hay.


some close up's

Deer were embossed with brown powder
love the small Acorns, 
because they are in two parts, so they appear more alive

Totally Pawsome

is coloured with acrylic paints two shades of blue and some splashes
 of diluted white paint and a little bit Deco snow 

Winters Forest #1

this awesome trees were also embossing with
 a special snow effect powder (Emerald Creek Craft) 

Dusty Attic chipboards and stencils

Starry Night Stencil

 Totally Pawsome

Fancy Trim #23



 Winters Forest #1



I hope I could inspire you!
Thanks for your visit!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

# Coffeebreak

 Welcome creative friends!


 Coffee is always a good idea, or?!

A good cup of coffee in the morning awakens your spirits and energy.


As I saw the little and big cups at Calico Craft Parts I thought, 

yes, they are very suitable for a mixed media coffee project in grundge style. 

Together with a clock face and some gear wheels I created a shadow frame

 that you can use as a gift or for your own kitchen.


The best thing about coffee is the aroma and the scent,

 so I also use some real coffee beans and coffee powder, 

that makes the whole thing more lively .



some close up's 

 Steampunk Multi Frame - Cogs

 was completed with a single cog and two clock hands 

which were embossed with black  powder



 Teacup & Saucer

was disassembled into two parts and the plate was glued on again as a saucer in 3d optics


 here I glued a bigger and a smaller cup on top of each other, 

stamped them after painting and added some aromatic coffee powder to it

 Swirl Flourish

 I had to disassemble it too and used it as a cloud of scent wafting through the room


which other Calico Craft Parts I used 

can you find here


I hope I was a inspiration for your creative imagination! 


Happy crafting!!


Many thanks!