Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rustic shadow frame - Country Live


 Welcome creative friends!


I was inspired to create a rustic weathered wooden shadow frame in mixed media style.

 Background was made with decoupage technique, stencils, stamps and distress ink. 

I love taking parts apart and putting them back together again.

I divided the house and converted it into a chicken coop.

 The two chickens were also separated, probably because the couple had just had a fight, 

and a spatial separation is always a good idea ;-).





some close up's 


used Calico Craft Parts


Block Style MDF House Kit - Wide

Picket Fence Panel MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

Hen & Cockrell Beak to Beak

Sheet of Mini MDF Window Wood Shapes

Word Elements - Blank


I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your own visions and ideas!


Thanks for your visit!


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