Saturday, October 31, 2020

Witching Hour in Haunted Castle

 Hello creative friends!


I was thrilled as I discover the Haunted Castle Shrine at Calico Craft Parts, great, 

it looks like an enchanted castle, right?! and remind me on Disney film stories.

At first I was not sure how I wanted to design the interior, then these old grandfather clocks 

came into my mind and I decided to hang a clock pendulum inside.



 Tips & Tricks

first I drilled a hole in the middle of the upper part, then I connected the border 

with the spider's web with the help of a small metal ring (from jewelry making),

 the upper part of the oak vine was pushed through the opening and fixed with 

another small wooden part,
now the pendulum was free to move

from my own experience I can now report that the oak vine

 is too delicate for the constant Tick Tack , Tick Tack ๐Ÿ˜of the clock pendulum, 

from experience one becomes wise, right?! 

for the clock pendulum I used the following parts:

Spider Web Flourish

Oak Leaves and Acorns Border

completed with  

Winged Devil

 Creatures of the Night - Sheet of Halloween Mini Wood Shapes


base - before coloring and designing


some close up's


pendulum swings - tick tack, tick tack 




which Calico Craft MDF shapes I used 

can you find here


Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halloween Night

 Welcome creative friends!


 Every year the time comes for the spirits to roam free for the Halloween celebrations

 on the night from 31 October to 1 November. 

I'm not the biggest fan from such crazy party nights,

 but I love to create with this funny spook, a lot of fantasy, in a dark foggy robe. 



I used a starry night paper from Stamperia as magical background. 

The combination of very special chipboards from Dusty Attic and some cutting dies from Sizzix

 was perfect for a witchy layout in mixed media style.

some close up's 


Never start looking up - is written on the moon ;-) 


Let your imagination run free!


OCTOBER 2020 Main Challenge



Many thanks for your visit!




Sunday, October 25, 2020

First Hoarfrost - A Magical Mixed Media canvas

 Hello creative friends!

I was inspired from the monthly challenge at Lindys Stamp Gang because 

I think it's very exciting and new for me to use some untypical colours for a autumn project. 

Warm earth tones for Thanksgiving or darker tones for Halloween enthusiasts are usual, 

but Magenta, Grey and Aqua???

I had to try that ๐Ÿ˜




 Autum time is heather plants time too, everywhere you can discover heather violet.  

First night frost and the plants are covered by an enchanting hoarfrost.

I worked with a combination of outcast's (silicone moulds),

chipboards, cutting dies, natural elements stamps, stencils and spray colours.

 A truly mix of texture with only less colour.


some close up's

Lindy's October Challenge

I used  Raspberry Lemonade Flat Spray,  Ocean Breeze Blue Flat Spray

 Blazing Black Flat Spray

( very diluted with water)


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Have a good time!


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Moodbook Cover - Nature feelings



Today a  cover for a junk journal or moodbook -how I like to call it-  

as inspiration what you can do with the amazing paper collection 'Forest' from Stamperia.

I use a simply collage technique and cut out some pieces, I love it to combine various materials

papers, cutouts, fabric, chipboards, feathers, dryed plants and metallic embellishments.




Have a good time !


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Autumn by the sea - October Moodboard Dusty Attic


Welcome Dusty Attic friends!

Now it's my turn to feature a layout using the 
beautiful Dusty Attic Moodboard for October.

As I saw our monthly moodboard of course a sea layout was inevitable for me :-)
Actually I always associate this theme with hot sunny days, but the autumn by the sea also has something very special. You can watch cranes making a stopover at the baltic sea on their flight route, or deer standing in brackish water during the rut. 
A quiet but especially attractive time at the baltic sea, a flat inland sea.

some close up's


Precious Moments in Time

an awesome combination of single and connected letters, 

so you can arrange the font very individually on the layout 


I love to use 'Wheathered Wood' (DecoArt) 
a crackle medium as base for the chippies
it creates an very special used look

Wildgrass #2

Grass Cluster #1

 for more texture and structure you can use 

some Mini Art Stones (Prima) as well as Decosand 


Old Wooden Fence #2

you don't always have to use the whole chipbord part, 

often it is enough to use only a fragment

We are looking forward to see what you come up with this months challenge.
 Just put your own take of the challenge in the comments section of the Dusty FANattics facebook page HERE 

You could win one of two amazing Dusty Attic prize packs.
I hope I could inspire you!
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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Spooky Night - Shadowframe



 I'm a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean stories,

 I don't know how often I have seen the films, 

but the imaginative ideas and the thematic realization always fascinate me.




 I used a similiar technique as you can see here 'In the witch kitchen'


some close up's 


Simon says : Spooky

update: Spooky Challenge Spotlight

Maura says: I love Kerstin’s wonderful imagination. She created a shadow frame combining very spooky elements like a ghost ship, skulls, chains and dark colors, with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It truly is a unique and spooky masterpiece!

Thanks sooo much that makes me happy!!!


Many thanks for your visit!


Happy crafting!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Romantic Winter Tales with 3D effect


 Hello creative friends!


I was always fascinated from the latest paper collection 'Winter Tales' from Stamperia. 

Now I finally got it, I was so excited that I had to start the first project right away. 

Winter fairy looked so lively that I had the idea to put her on a swing. 


I took a thread yarn and crocheted a few chain stitches, 

a small wooden board as a seat under it and the swing was ready.

3D effect


some close up's


wings were cut and curved 


 Happy crafting!




Saturday, October 3, 2020

Halloween Mobile

 Hello creative friends!


Today a new Halloween inspiration. 

I was inspired to create again something completely different with the MDF shapes

 from Calico Craft Parts. 

The result is a hanging mobile, it can be attached to an old ossified branch together with bats and decorated with cobwebs. All parts are freely movable and are set into vibration with every airflow.

Tips & Tricks 


base idea 

in the upper part of the crow a hole was drilled for the suspension

then i used three birch signs in different sizes



with the help of a chain and some rings (from jewelry design) the three signs are connected

 for this further holes were drilled into the signs with a hand drill, if this is too complicated for you, you can ask for pre-drilled holes when ordering, i am sure it can be made possible

labels were printed out

for the painting I used chalky paints from DecoArt

 the mat chalky surface in combination with weathered wood creates an old used look

some close up's


which  Calico Craft Parts I used can you find here

I hope I could inspire you!