Samstag, 3. Oktober 2020

Halloween Mobile

 Hello creative friends!


Today a new Halloween inspiration. 

I was inspired to create again something completely different with the MDF shapes

 from Calico Craft Parts. 

The result is a hanging mobile, it can be attached to an old ossified branch together with bats and decorated with cobwebs. All parts are freely movable and are set into vibration with every airflow.

Tips & Tricks 


base idea 

in the upper part of the crow a hole was drilled for the suspension

then i used three birch signs in different sizes



with the help of a chain and some rings (from jewelry design) the three signs are connected

 for this further holes were drilled into the signs with a hand drill, if this is too complicated for you, you can ask for pre-drilled holes when ordering, i am sure it can be made possible

labels were printed out

for the painting I used chalky paints from DecoArt

 the mat chalky surface in combination with weathered wood creates an old used look

some close up's


which  Calico Craft Parts I used can you find here

I hope I could inspire you! 


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