Saturday, October 17, 2020

Spooky Night - Shadowframe



 I'm a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean stories,

 I don't know how often I have seen the films, 

but the imaginative ideas and the thematic realization always fascinate me.




 I used a similiar technique as you can see here 'In the witch kitchen'


some close up's 


Simon says : Spooky

update: Spooky Challenge Spotlight

Maura says: I love Kerstin’s wonderful imagination. She created a shadow frame combining very spooky elements like a ghost ship, skulls, chains and dark colors, with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It truly is a unique and spooky masterpiece!

Thanks sooo much that makes me happy!!!


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Happy crafting!



  1. Love this Kerstin! What a storyteller you are with your creations! hugs, Maura

  2. So cool, great, so much details: i love it.

  3. Absolutely amazing, Kerstin! So so much to discover and each detail is such a treat to look at! Love that little owl sitting on the spooky branch. Love the drapery and the roots coming down in the upper right corner! Love the chain and all the little bits you have included! Fantastic story-telling as always, my friend! Wow!

    Claudia xxx


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