Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas carol


today an new project with a lot of wonderful laces from Tresors de Luxe

I have made a shadow box with a nostalgic motif from Anton Pieck

use pieces from laces and glue it with hot glue gun,
you can also work in mutiple layers
you can colored the lace, here white acrylic paint
La Blanche stamp for background
snow texture with palette knife

I hope my idea is an inspiration for you to use laces also for mixed media projects.

I wish you  all  a pleasant and peaceful  Advent Season!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Märchentante & Leseeule

Welcome everyone!

heute stelle ich euch ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt vor :-),
wie ich euch bereits sonntags erzählte
lese ich unseren Kindern jetzt öfter Winter- und Weihnachtsmärchen vor
anscheinend können sie nie genug davon bekommen ;-)
da sie meine Bastelchaosecke hier auch öfter untersuchen und natürlich kräftig mitmischen wollen, haben sie letztens Bäume mit zunehmender Begeisterung gebastelt
Die tolle Idee dazu habe ich hier entdeckt

 einer dieser Bäume sollte natürlich unbedingt auf mein nächstes Projekt :-)
und jedes Mal, wenn die Kleinen zu Besuch sind, wird nachgeschaut, ob er noch da ist.
der ist doch super cool geworden, ein echter Winterkunstbaum oder?

das sind natürlich Kai und Gerda aus der Schneekönigin


falls ihr außer den Detailphotos, Info's zu Material und Herstellung braucht, dann meldet euch bitte!

 das ist übrigens Lesetante 'K(as) erstin'
wusste gar nicht, das ich solche Telleraugen habe ;-)

before it was an old wooden box for stuff

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A little smile


a new Layout to say - Thanks for your smile stranger -,

 do you know, what a little smile can achieve even in
difficult times?


Smile and the world smiles with you :-)


my inspiration : colour brown + flowers

Thank you very much!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Magical Winter Night

Welcome and joy to you this advent time!

perhaps a little bit early, especially today
 but outside it is now very uncomfortable, right time to work creative
 because lately I have must here often read for our children fairy tales
 no, I do it gladly, even very much 
and so you will see in next times some projects
which are inspired from several winter fairytales 

already guessed???
not so easy I'm afraid - The Snow Queen from H.Ch. Andersen

The Moon is a cut out of cardstock with a mixture
 of colored white Gesso applied with a palette knife

background was made with some blue acrylic paints and black, a sentiment stamp and a litte bit
Glitter for a magic effect
also I used stencils (branches and baroque texture form crafters Workshop) with white Modeling paste

rendeers was stamped and used with silver embossing powder and cut out
trees are also dies, I used an old piece of structure wallpaper + blue spray mist

Thanks for your visit
Have a good creative time!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Ornaments


today a new idea with the beautiful laces from Tresors de Luxe
I have made two vintage ornaments 
based on styrofoam

I used silver glitter, old vintage photos, pieces from this lace

Set of White Beaded Lace Applique, Lace Applique, Lace Collar, Couture Design, Dressmaking, Lace Jewelry, Crafting, etc, AP-066

old notes paper for rosettes, white filigran sticker and embellishments

if you need more detail informations, please ask me.

Thanks for your visit
LG Kerstin

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight DecoArt

Welcome crafters!
It is Sponsor Spotlight time by Our creative corner
and our Sponsor this month is 

  today a simple, but also a project with special effects 
- perhaps a gift idea, because christmas is knocking on the door
 - easy and fast -
Here is a sneak peek of today's spotlight.... 

If you are interested in finding out what I have made and how it was made then hop 
over to Our Creative Corner

This month a very lucky randomly selected winner will receive such an amazing prize! 
A Decoart Media Sampler Kit
...and Andy Skinner has very kindly said he will add in some of his stencils as well! 
 WOW!!! what a wonderful prize!

Hope to see you over there!

Happy crafting!

Friday, November 13, 2015

News & Memories

Welcome everyone!

Firstly, I must say I'm very happy and grateful about the offer from Lucy O. from
I will work there for the next 3 months and I love to create with her beautiful

 Laces, Trims, Embellishments and More - You can find this products here

and here comes my first project
my old nick name was Vintagelady, because I'm a modern girl with a vintage heart and love  the things that are old and nobody wants anymore, because they have a history!

It's a shadow frame in shabby chic style
I used only pieces from the beautiful laces
you can easily cut out parts with scissors 
they are glued with decoupage glue

with an old photo from my ancestors (my tic toc grandparents ;-)) 
little boy in centre was my Grandpa

I love the beautiful details on this laces with pearls and spangle

Happy crafting
LG Kerstin

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dance in the Rain

Welcome friends,

- November Mood - 

we all know the dismal moments in life, where nothing goes right and everything 
 is gray and dark.
In this mood I have made this new Art Journal page. Life is not always colorful and cheerful, the other side is one of them.
 But without those dark moments, we sometimes can not appreciate the good things in life, or?

          I have used some DecoArt Fluid Acrylics carbon black, cerulan blue and titanium white

                               these colors can also be very well diluted with water

crackle effect with Metallic silver + crackle paint white in the left bottom corner
the girl with umbrella was painted from me( deliberately faceless)

 stencil 'Children' from DecoArt with script stamp

I also used Shimmer Mister White
 actually, it should only be a few discreet raindrops, but the spray head has decided ;-)
 that it will be other and yes it was a surprise OMG ! :-) puddles,
 but I did as a child also gladly splashes in puddles and fits perfectly

and so I created in a sadly mood a new page
 with optimismus and the splashes make me smile again

Best wishes from Kerstin

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My first Interview in Norsk

Welcome friends!

today a special short post . Marit P. from The paper crafting 
ask me to talk a little bit about my favourite activity :-)
Who can say NO to that ??
I'm very honored and happy about this opportunity, thank you very much!
It was not so easy for me to choose some projects from my collection ;-), but christmas is knocking on the door and so you can find there some gift ideas.

one of projects that you will find there
- Dance of snowflakes -

Thanks for your visit!
Happy weekend!
LG Kerstin