Saturday, May 28, 2022

Art Journal pages


Welcome creative friends!


Today some inspirations from my latest Art Journal,

 where I have presented recently the textile cover.

I played with stencils, stamps, paper cutouts

and used as 3d elements and eye candy 

MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts.



used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Thistle Flower

 Rustic Post & Rail Fence Panel

Cabbage Butterfly & Flowers - Flora & Fauna Flourish Style 8


I hope you find inspiration!



Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dusty Attic May Moodboard Inspiration - On the Beach


Welcome creative friends!


Today a new inspiration for you, it's a mixed media layout 

based on the wonderful moodboard theme 

this month at Dusty Attic.


It looks like Summer, Sun & Sea ,

relaxing days at the beach

and a lot of shells.

 Love to walk on the beach and collect shells,  looking out over the sea,
enjoying the calm and just letting the soul swing freely.


chose chipboards from the awesome collection

 Beach, Fishing, Nautical & Tropical



 some close up's


primed with white gesso and decorated the magical jelly fish

 with reflective beads and mini art stones, 

additionally some acrylic paint in blue and beige 


used Dusty Attic chipboards and stencil


Ocean Elements #1 

 Jelly Fish

Coral #2

Seaweed #1

Seaweed #4

A Moment Captured


Fishnet Stencil 


We are looking forward to see what you come up with this months challenge.
 Just put your own take of the challenge in the comments section of the Dusty FANattics facebook page HERE 

You could win one of two amazing Dusty Attic prize packs
...this year we are reverting back to the prize being a $50 (AUD) credit
 to the Dusty Attic website store so you can choose your very own designs.


I hope you find inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by...until next time!




Monday, May 23, 2022

The scent of roses with 13arts


Welcome creative friends!


Today a new inspiration, it's a wooden panel in Shabby chic style

 and made as romantic wall decoration for a garden arbor.

Beautiful time of the rose blossom begins here again, 

a sea of wonderful colors and exciting fragrances.

some details


used 13arts products

Rose in Love collection

I hope I could awaken your imagination and inspiration.


Happy creating!


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Art Journal Cover - Springtime Feelings


Welcome creative friends!


I created a textile collage with leftovers from various fabric and laces

as cover for an Art Journal.

I always love to use the MDF shapes as 3d elements in their original form. 

Love this special wood expression, often I also split them 

and create new impressions with it.



 sewed a small house with different fabrics together

 and decorated it with a mini door in grunge style


some close up's



used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Ancestry MDF Wood Font - Create A Word


Wildflowers, Grass & Bird

 Sheet of Mini MDF Door Wood Shapes




I hope you find inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by...until next time

with some pages from this Art Journal !



Monday, May 9, 2022

Night of a full moon with 13arts


Welcome creative friends!


Have you ever experienced the magical aura of the full moon?

I discovered an enchanted figure on a meadow πŸ˜€ 

Was that reality or a dream?


As I saw the amazing background paper 'In the woods' 

from the 'Queen of the Night' my imagination was awakened

 and I was inspired to create a mixed media layout.

Together with this great Dark Queen motif from this collection 

a meadow in moonlight was created.


To make the queen look even more alive, she got a shimmering skirt

 made of wide ribbon and small green feathers, as well as transparent wings.


used 13arts products 



 Besides papers from 'Queen of the Night ' collection I also used

papers and elements from 'Aurora', also a very suitable collection for fantasy stories

in addition transparency foil, stencils, glitter ink and floristic materials

all this products can you find at 13arts


 some close up's





I hope I could awaken your imagination and inspiration.


Happy creating!






Saturday, May 7, 2022

A Book Nook - what is that?? with Dusty Attic


Welcome creative friends!


In simply terms it's a Book shelf insert or 

a Schaufenster im BΓΌcherregal in german πŸ˜€.

Most of the time you see these elaborate pieces in connection

 with Harry Potter stories, beautiful and enchanting,

 but often quite expensive. 


I think you can do even more with these book nooks. 

I know many who have a  garden book library

 and to this theme fits these creative idea wonderful too.

You can illuminate it and it is a wonderful gift idea.



I had the courage to make the blank myself out of 3 mm MDF material.

 It has the following dimensions: 10 x 19 x 15 cm B/H/T.

You can do that, but it's easier to buy a finished blank. 

Dusty Attic doesn't have one yet, but your day may come


It's relatively easy to  make,

I used scrapbook paper to cover the walls, a lot of suitable chipboards, 

and a mould for the garden path. 


some close up's



used Dusty Attic chipboards 




 Birds a field

Hanging Potplants #1

Wicker Fence

Poppies #1

Wildgrass #3 Small

Wildflower #6

Juliette Balcony #2


 πŸ‘€ Update Update Update πŸ‘€

you can find a suitable 

Blank Book Nook #1 

12,3 x 25 x 18,5 cm H/B/T or

Blank Book Nook #2 

  9.3cm W x 25cm H x 18.5cm D


 at Dusty Attic πŸ˜€πŸ’•


 If you have any questions 

please get in touch I'm always happy to help if I can. 


I hope you find inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by...until next time!



Sunday, May 1, 2022

Don't give up - May Moodboard 13arts


Welcome creative friends!


 I was inspired to create a mixed media layout.

Used the colors of our beautiful May Moodboard as a guide 

and chose as background paper 'Girl on Fire' from 

the 'Queen of the Night' collection. 



used 13arts products

 Queen of the Night

some close up's


 Use at least two colors from the board for your project, 

at least one product of the @13arts .

 Please add the project on your IG site with the #13artsMay22

Be inspired by our Moodboard, we are looking forward to see 

what you come up with this months challenge. 😍 


The winner will receive a giftpack full of @13arts products 

and will be our Guest Designer next month.


Happy crafting