Saturday, April 13, 2024

Türhänger Alice - We're all mad here


 Alice im Wunderland

 Eine wunderbare Geschichte mit viel Fantasie erzählt, die sich bis in unsere Zeit widerspiegelt. 

Ich mag diese Geschichte, wie sicher viele von euch auch, 

gerade kreativ kann man sich zu diesem Thema doch voll auslassen. 

Eine verrückte Wunderwelt, da sind doch für viele Ideen Tor und Tür geöffnet. Man kann sich an den zahlreichen Sprüchen und den dahinter stehenden lehrreichen Botschaften orientieren.

Ich werde in der nächsten Zeit hier einige Projekte dazu vorstellen. 


Wir sind alle verrückt hier, nicht wahr ??

kreativ verrückt ?!

- Alles eine Frage der Perspektive - 


Zum Anfang heute ein kleines, schnell gemachtes Geschenk für gute Freunde. 

Es ist ein Türhänger, den man z.b. an die Gartentür hängen kann, wenn man Freunde einlädt oder auch als Hinweisschild zum nächsten kreativen Workshop. 

Er zaubert allen ein Lächeln auf die Lippen und die gute Laune ist vorprogrammiert.



 Der verrückte Hutmacher war für mich sehr inspirierend. Der Detaillierungsgrad war beeindruckend. Ich habe es mit etwas weißer Farbe im Trockenpinselverfahren grundiert. Anschließend habe ich die Oberfläche leicht mit Silberwachscreme überstrichen. Zum Schluss habe ich den Hut schwarz gefärbt und mit Rostfarbe nur leichte Akzente gesetzt. 

 Die besten Erfahrungen habe ich bei der Arbeit mit diesen aufwendig gelaserten MDFteilen gemacht, wenn ich mit reiner Farbe und sehr wenig Wasser verdünnt habe. Ich lasse es zwischendurch immer gut trocknen, damit die Details wieder gut hervor treten.




Bis demnächst in diesem verrückten Theater!


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Hello Spring




 Spring has arrived three weeks earlier this year. 

Everywhere is green and blooming, with the fruit tree blossom being particularly beautiful. 

The Cherry Blossoms from Dusty Attic were perfect for this theme. 

They were primed with white gesso and then decorated with a few pink brushstrokes. 

Finally, a few yellow dots were added for the stamen, 

and the flowers matching the photo were ready.



some details

DA3310 Cherry Blossoms #2 

  DA3307 Daisies small

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Easter Egg


 Hello everyone!


I have designed an Easter egg (210 x 150 mm)

 that can be used as a mural on a window or on a wall.

It could also work as a standing Easter decoration

 in a spring landscape if you built a small stand for it.


 I selected a basic wooden frame (which is not yet available here), 

and added a felt egg as a background. I decorated the top half with the Art deco part. 

I separated the vine corner and placed it behind the hare family, 

which was beautifully engraved and required minimal colouring.



some details

Happy Easter Greetings!


Saturday, March 23, 2024

Happy Easter Greetings


  Hello everyone!


Easter is just around the corner, time for an extra-large greeting card.


 Bunny kisses and Easter wishes for a day that's

truly egg - cellent.




 some details



 used chipboards

DA3272 Happy Easter #1 
DA2689  Leafy Corners
DA3307 Daisies small
DA1694 Daisies
DA3279 Carrots
DA0697  Wagon Wheels


Saturday, March 9, 2024

Altered Book - Alice Tea Party


 Hello everyone!


 I was inspired to create another book in Altered Art.

This time the theme is Alice in Wonderland,

 the mad cult story that has inspired generations,

 there are so many sayings you can use to create a project and tell a story.

- At last we thought you'd never arrive -

that was my inspiration motto  today.


At Dusty Attic you can find a lot of matching parts to this story. 

And I didn't only find amazing mushrooms or the classic hat 

under the heading Down the Rabbit Hole.



some details


used chipboards
  DA3567 Alice Elements #22 – Mushrooms 2 

DA3566 Alice Elements #21 – Alices arrows 

DA3553 Alice Elements #8 – mushrooms 

DA3557 Alice Elements #12 – Mad hats 

  DA0264 Vintage Wire Table 

DA0789  Mini Chair #2 

DA0410 Mini Tea Set 

 DA1524  ATC Frame #6 

 DA1651 Leaves #3 

DA0764  Leafy Scroll

Monday, March 4, 2024

Mystery Forest House


 Hello creative friends!


I was inspired to transform the Halloween house into a mysterious forest house.

 The house has a stable stand, allowing for easy movement and rearrangement for new decorations.

 I created an old, dilapidated house using the appropriate colour shading and crackle medium.

 The transformation was completed quickly. 

To create a three-dimensional effect, I glued together various 

individual parts such as leaves and mushrooms. The mini windows fit almost perfectly into the recesses, and the mini door has a small canopy.

 It appears as though Grandpa Gnome has just come for a visit.




 some close up's

 used shapes



Thanks for stopping by


Friday, February 23, 2024

Erste Frühlingsboten


 Hello everyone!


On a walk in the woods we spotted the first signs of spring this year - snowdrops. 

 At Dusty Attic, I quickly found the matching chippies. 

They were decorated with a little paint to match the grey season. 

To represent snow and ice residue, deco ice and 

artificial snow were sprinkled into the still damp paint.




 some details

 used chipboards  


Flower Buds #1 DA0849 

One With Nature DA3446

Mini Birds on a Wire  DA1173

Birds a field DA0749

Leafy Frame Set #2 DA1358

Get Framed – Distressed Square DA2672 

 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!



Saturday, February 17, 2024

Forest lantern


 Hello everyone!

Today, I am presenting a new lantern project. 
This simple model features open rectangular apertures made of birch wood, 
designed to match a forest theme. 
I glued perspex sheets onto three sides, leaving the fourth open
 so that a simple electric tea light can be placed inside. 
To decorate the lantern, I added a few filigree MDF parts, 
dividing them into different sections and gluing them on individually.
 As the original colour of the MDF parts contrasted well with the 
light birch wood tone, 
I didn't change their colour. 



used shapes





Thanks for stopping by


Friday, February 9, 2024

Lantern 'Dance of Snowflakes'


  Hello everyone!

 Magical and dreamy, with snowflakes gently dancing in the sky, 

this lantern inspired me to create a snowy winter forest scene.



I primed the object with white acrylic paint and then highlighted it with brown acrylic paint using the dry brush technique. In the centre, I hung a transparent acrylic glass ornament, a little ballerina (before it was a christmas tree ornament).

I added a white cuddly skirt with tulle and small punched-out snowflakes to the ballerina. 

At the bottom of the lantern, there is an LED bottle bottom light, and above it, a big snowflake that has been glittered blue in some places. 

When the light is switched on, it looks like the snowflake is dancing over a frozen lake.   



  used chipboards  


DA3662  MDF Lantern #2 


DA1696  Mini Icicles 

DA2677  Snowflakes #1 Small

DA2609  Winters Forest #1



some details


 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Spring Greetings- Homedecor


 Hello everyone!


The last month of winter has begun, and the longing for spring is great.

 Today, I present to you a new upcycling project. 

I found it in an old scramble box; it was missing two rabbits, but I liked it very much.

 So, I had the idea to make the whole thing prettier with a few Calico Craft shapes.



I used leftover wood-paper wallpaper to cover the rabbits, and aged the edges with walnut ink.

 Then, I created a spring landscape using only a few pieces, 

leaving the shapes in their original colours and highlighting them 

with a small amount of white acrylic paint.



With a matching Easter egg from my stock I filled in the missing part.


some close up's

 used MDF shapes


Fallen Tree Branch

Tall Picket Fence Panel

Snowdrop - MDF Floral Wood Shape

Alert Rabbit

Daffodil Flower


 Thanks for stopping by..

new lantern project will follow 😀