Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

Mr. Seaworld - GD with Katy Sue Designs


 Hi creative friends!


I was invited to create some guest design projects with the amazing silicone moulds

 from Katy Sue Designs. Thanks so much!!!

In focus, one of my favourite themes - The SEA with all  its infinite possibilities. 

Firstly I choose the Green Man mould, love this expressive face.

My personal challenge was to change the Green Man in a Blue Man lol.




I worked with air drying clay and used not the whole mould but only the awesome face. 

I added some sea animals, like shells, seahorses, starfish. 

Under the face you can see some corals, which made with single pieces

 from 'The Tree' mould.


some close up's

In the next few weeks you can see other projects with silicone moulds here.

I'm afraid the mould fever has me again fully in its grip. 😀

Until the next creative adventure!


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