Friday, June 9, 2023

BOOK NOOK Magic Forest


  Hello everyone!


I was inspired again to create a new book nook. 

Maybe you remember the last one- Fairy Forest House,

today a secret door in a mystical forest.



Inside view


How to 


  • use remnants from  Gothic Arch as frame 
  • use  Dead Tree as roots
  • moon can be illuminated from behind with a string of wire lights, 
  • attach the moon to the rear book nook wall with spacers

some close up's



used chipboards


Blank Book Nook #2 
remnants Gothic Arch
Gothic Fretwork small  
Dead Tree #3 
 Magic Mushrooms #3
Fern Fronds
Gargoyles #2
Toadstools #2
Vine Border 

 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!




  1. Oh, wow! Ganz ganz großartig, liebe Kerstin! Liebe Grüße! Claudia

  2. Hi there! I absolutely loved reading your blog post about the Magic Forest Book Nook - it sounds like a dreamy escape for any book lover! The way you described the cozy atmosphere and the hidden gems of literary wonders truly sparked my curiosity.
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I always appreciate all your comments. Thanks so much!