Freitag, 4. März 2016

Colorful world

Welcome crafty friends!

My favorite work is to try new things and to leave my comfort zone, because where is the creativity, if you do always the same?!
Yes, I love the grungy industrial  and delicate romantic colors , mostly
tone in tone or how my dad says
harmoniously :-)
but I'm also a girl, which is inspired by nature 
and so I wanted to make a project with rainbow theme.
 For such experiences I always like to use my art journal book.

used materials

 not the best photo I'm afraid, but it's really difficult with black background paper

 can you see my shadow face?
 it was made with a stencil and metallic lustre silver and my fingers 

  for the other stencils I used modeling or texture paste
rainbow color circle with shimmer mists and a selfmade masking template
in centre another face stencil
i love this faces, because I'm not the biggest painter

my thoughts behind this project
The world is colorful
Let's inspire!

I choose a new colorful technique with spray paints and a mask
Happy weekend!

5 Kommentare:

  1. Wow Kerstin - this is the best of all worlds - bright, bold, natural, feminine - all with a bit of mystery. Adore your shadow face! So in my mind... I see your shadow face in the dark of a starry night - alone - but totally enjoying the fireworks seen in the distance that INSPIRE the shadow face to go home and make a journal spread like YOURS!!!! WONDERFUL creation. j.

    1. Wow too Joi, you can read my thoughts, that's really great, I could not say better and makes me happy!!!!! Have a nice creative weekend my friend :-)Hugs xx

  2. I love the pop of bright colors and the shadow face is amazing, Kerstin! What a gorgeous piece of artwork. Thanks for entering it in the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. Cathie <3

  3. This is incredible, Kerstin,

    and Joi has totally nailed it! I too see your misterious shadow face emerge from a starry universe or sky...I couldn't name at first what your fantastic coloure explosions against the dark background reminded me of...but Joi named it: fireworks! The contrast makes it "shine and sparkle" even more!

    Inspiration is like a spark in a dark night. And maybe the subtle face is the artist, stepping back and letting her art take the stage on its own. There are many ways to interpret your wonderful piece of art! There's so much depth and meaning in it!

    The idea of that shadow face - this is so YOU! Love it!

    Claudia xxx

  4. Heheheheh - YEAH Kerstin - so THRILLED Andy pulled you for a big surprise!! YOU deserved it!!! Plus, I got to come back and see your beautiful project again too!!! XXXXj.


I always appreciate all your comments. Thanks so much!