Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Maja Design - A beautiful evening

Welcome Maja Friends!

 I’m also still creating with our latest amazing 'Celebration' collection. As I saw this elegant dancing pair I thought on our annual SemperOperaball in Dresden. It's a very special and magic event.

'Despite low temperatures, thousands of people will take to the theatre square in front of the Semper Opera House to celebrate the Semper Open Air Ball. While  guests watch the gala programme inside, up to 15,000 partygoers will be singing and dancing outside in front of the opera house. In rain, freezing temperatures or under starlit skies – the Semper Open Air Ball transforms the square into the world's largest dance floor for the locals and guests.'

Therefore I was inspired to make a home decoration piece, it's a cloche in romantic vintage style. 

How you can see you will need not so much materials, main thing is the paper sheet 'Ballroom dancing', old music paper, Distress inks and some embellishments how like flowers, lace, feathers and what do you want.

I used as basic a star from a cutting die.  After I cut out the pair, I curved the motif with a knitting needle and folded the feets to glue them on. The paper from Maja Design is so stable that it stands alone, but you can stick to support a few more blooms from behind against it.
Now you just need to stick the decoration on.
backside view

 I rolled up the notebook paper, distressed the edges and created some paper sticks.

 I highlighted some places with Stickles 'Baby Blue' from Ranger.

a wonderful blue feather suitable to the ball gown

... and your new eyecatcher  is ready :-)

Thanks for your visit!
Greetings from Kerstin

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  1. Oh, my gosh, Kerstin! I have been missing your lovely blog and fabulous inspiration, so I had to pop in for a visit. I am so THRILLED that I did! This is just stunning! How genius to use the paper in this way, and your embellishments just whisk me off to the ball! LOVE this! Hugs!

  2. Wie hübsch, dein elegantes Tanzpaar unter dem Glassturz!!!
    Lustig - erst am Samstag stand ich in einem bekannten schwedischen Möbelhaus vor solchen Glasstürzen und habe mich gefragt, was man da wohl Hübsches reinpacken kö seh ich es hier bei dir! (hab mir übrigens keinen gekauft, weil die Inspiration bei mir nicht zugeschlagen hat. Aber bei dir sind die auch viel besser aufgehoben, wie man unschwer erkennen kann). Wunderschön!
    Alles Liebe!
    Claudia xxx


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