Samstag, 11. September 2021

Wildlife GD Katy Sue Design


 Welcome everyone!


Have you seen the latest silicone moulds at Katy Sue Design???

Was inspired from the amazing ' Elephant Family'

and want to try out to create a palm from some single 'Jungle leaves'.



 The zipper opens and a colourful jungle emerges from the grey everyday life.


used silicone moulds


Elephant Family; Mini Jungle Leaves; 

6 inch Zip; Ropes and Knots


some close up's



it works, looks like a coconut palm, even with nuts

I had a lot of fun with the rĂŒssel gang 😀

Thanks for your visit!


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  1. Wenn die FrĂŒhpatrouille naht, wenn die FrĂŒhpatrouille naht...!
    Love your "RĂŒssel Gang", Kerstin! xxx


I always appreciate all your comments. Thanks so much!