Mittwoch, 27. September 2023

Altered Book - Diorama Autumn Forest


Hello everyone!


I enjoy reviving old and forgotten objects, in particular, old books 

that can be transformed into wonderful 3D dioramas. 

Today, to suit the season, I went for a walk in the autumnal forest.
Have you had the opportunity to explore the latest  shapes available in the 

Autumn & Woodland Shapes


  I can only say that they are enchanting and very inspiring!




 Love the latest

Skeleton, Dead Trees, Stumps & Branches

I used different sizes, sometimes only parts or, for example, 

Bonsai Skeleton Tree

completely new as a tree root. 
some close up's


used MDF shapes


Dead Tree Trunk - MDF Wood Shape Style 1

 Mushrooms - Fungi MDF Wood Shape 14 - Spotted Toadstools

 Winter Tree Scene MDF Wood Shape - Style 4

Bonsai Skeleton Tree

Ivy Leaf Garland

Red Oak Leaf & Twig

Spider MDF Wood Shape - Style 3



 I hope you find inspiration!


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