Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

A dream in Pink

Welcome everyone!
today a new project for Tresors de Luxe
a very romantic wood pendant
perhaps for a little princess :-)

some details

bling bling 
and her eyes start to glow 

background was painted with white crackle paste
and fuchsia stripes

used materials

Lace Trim,  GL-016

Spitzen Trim, Elfenbein Lace-Tuch, Guipure Spitze, Venedig Lace, Braut Spitze, Kostüme, Lace Applique, handwerklichen Lace, GL-016

Ivory Lace Fabric Trim,  Lace, 3.25" BN-031

Elfenbein Spitze Stoff Trim, Spitze Stoff, Guipure-Spitze, Venedig Lace Braut Spitze, Kostüme, Spitze Applique, Handwerk, Lace, 3,25" BN-031 

Champagne Pink Venice Lace for Bridal, LA-127

Champagne Rosa Venedig Lace für Bridal, Millinery, Lace-Schmuck, Modeschmuck, Design, Schärpen, Headbands, Handwerk LA-127

Authentic Crystal Rhinestone Trim, CR-204

Authentische Crystal Strass Trim, Rhinestone Applique, Strass Stirnband, Strass Gürtel, Braut Schärpe, Hochzeit Strumpfband CR-204

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