Freitag, 28. September 2018


Hi crafty friends!

Today a new inspiration with the latest awesome products from Scrap FX.
I'm  a big fan of mixed media projects, you can mixed so many various materials such like this wonderful chipboards, spray colours, textured, fabric and old book paper leftovers, stencils, stamps and cutting dies - always a lot of possibilities.
I upcycle a wooden house into a new home decoration piece.
I was inspired from the phrase and cool looking eyes on the transparency, 
very suitable for a new gift in industrial grunge style.

some details

 a very cool embossing powder 'Hammerd metal'  just right for the
Door plates and handles

  Paintbrush Corner painted with arylic colours (black, silver, Quinacridone Gold) and copper embossing powder

 a wise and important saying

 glued with 3D effect

Thanks for your visit!

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