Saturday, November 17, 2018

Shadow Box Nemo's Memories

Hello friends!

Maybe you can still remember on my last book shadow box
 'Octopus En Vogue' with the awesome 
  Today I want to present you the interior design. 
The background was created with a decoupage paper with old maps, 
I think very suitable for Captain Nemo's adventures,a very famous fictional character by Jules Verne.
I wanted to create a gritty dripping atmosphere.
I used a lot of Nautical & Seasides wooden shapes from Calico Craft Parts
in combination with some steampunk shapes.


on my detail photos can you find all this wonderful pieces

two old lanterns made with a silicone mould and 
black acryl, painted with Antiquing cream 'Patina Green
and highlighted with  Metallic Lustre 'Gold Rush'

Hopefully you will now feel even more inspired to create your own
 Steampunk or a project in industrial grunge style?!
I really enjoyed working on mine!!! 

Many thanks for stopping by!

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