Samstag, 31. August 2019

Halloween Fun

Hello creative friends!

-  Crash landing  -

a shadowbox with fun


Tips & Tricks  

I constructed a shadowbox with simple means, usually any food packaging is sufficient as a basis. Decisive was the top or the lid of the whole. Cut and folded to fit and the fun could begin.

From the middle a hole was torn out, with the help of a masonry template, texture paste and distress ink a background was created. Since the window seemed too small to me, I extended it to a double window, which was punched out of thin cardboard. Only the frame and the window sill were used.

some details

a  more stable transparent foil, from which some corners were cut out

stick to the back of the window


 :-) Free to Fly :-) 


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  1. I hope she will be free to fly again soon, Kerstin! giggle
    Love the idea and this make! This is so "you".

    Claudia xxx


I always appreciate all your comments. Thanks so much!