Sunday, May 31, 2020

Mysterious places

Hi creative friends!

Some time ago I created my first mixed media canvas of this kind in natural style, 

It was a lot of fun and joy to work on it, I was also fascinated by this door silicone mould, which can be used in so many ways. Some of you knows, that my projects mostly only work with spatial effects, I just love this liveliness.

My latest acquisition is a new mould (Prima Redesign Bell Orchids).
 I love lilies of the valley with its enchanting scent, especially when you discover them in the forest, there is a very special magic in the air. 

To my birthday I always get such a wonderful bouquet as a present, unfortunately it always fades too fast, that's why this new mould was an absolute - Must have - for me to create projects that last a bit longer ;-)


 I was inspired to create a mysterious place in a forest and used also some cutting dies, natural elements (moss, lichen, branches, snail shell) acrylic paints, distress spray stain and white gesso.

some close up's

the door frame was created with another silicone mould, I used only the outer frame 
here can you see the whole mould

drying moss combined with synthetic moss bale for a 3D effect 

an air drying modeling clay was a perfect material for this mould

Thanks for your time!

Happy crafting!


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  1. You are just so genius when it comes to using moulds, Kerstin! Your bell orchids look amazing and I really feel as if I was walking through an enchanted forest. You've created your very unique special magic again, my friend! Love this!

    Claudia xxx


I always appreciate all your comments. Thanks so much!