Sunday, May 3, 2020

3D Shadow canvas - Maritime Scenes

Welcome creative friends!

 I love projects with a 3D depth and wanted to make a shadow frame from a canvas.
As you could already see in my last project, 
I love the combination of the sea theme with a touch of steampunk, 
today a new inspiration with some casts, MDF shapes and a wonderful delicate background paper.

I created in a vintage grunge style in rust optic.

Tips & Tricks

1 I used a discarded wedge frame that our kids didn't want to paint, with a cutter knife I cut out the middle part

2 I wanted a very old frayed edge and used a burning candle

3 I glued on some matching parts, matching the mdf jellyfish also cats that were made with the help of moulds

4 now everything was primed with a finish chalky paint (DecoArt 'Yesteryear')

5 leave to dry thoroughly

6 I added some paper colored laser cuts

Nautical Multi Frame

7 firstly I added Crackle Glaze, into the still wet medium I sprinkled some mini Artstones on some   

8 after drying I highlighted the frame with brown and black metallic waxes and glued a curved paper
   band on the frame

9 finally some natural elements like sea shells, lichens, gauze and some Artstones

some close up's

 used Calico Craft Parts can you find here

 Thanks for your visit!

Stay safe everyone and take care of yourselves and your loved ones…


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