Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2020

Mixed Media Steampunk Bottle

  Welcome to our annual Summer Special, dear steampunk and industrial style friends!

 I would like to invite you to play along with our two months 
 It is an "Anything Goes - Steampunk/Industrial" themed one again and instead of the usual month you have until the end of August to enter up to five (instead of the usual three) entries this time.

I was inspired to create a steampunk bottle in altered art. 
I discovered my new creative passion in the last weeks. I simply love to work 
with moulds and modelling clay. 
Here is an upcyling idea, I used a liquor bottle as base
 and modeled with silicone moulds as well as self  by hand.

 Tips & Tricks 

I used silicone moulds from several brands (Prima Marketing, Katy Sue design, Stamperia)
 and always worked with airdrying modelling clay and construction adhesive.

 I always find it exciting to not only use the casts as a whole, but to share them and puzzle them together in a new way to create completely new pictures and impressions.

 This looks a bit wild at first, but with a good primer it will become respectable again. 
For this I like to use the chalky finish paints from DecoArt.

But modelling by yourself is also fun and reminds you of childhood days, when you liked to play with plasticine.
 These are my first attempts to form corals. 

I formed small balls and drilled holes into them with a wooden rod. The starfish was created with the help of a small plastic ball and a comb, sounds a bit adventurous, but you use it to create the linear structures. I just realized that it would be better to illustrate it with pictures, but as I said the first tries, there are no pictures, but if you are interested, I will do it in a new project.  

As there are many structures and deepenings in the casts, the work
with liquid colours like spray paint or distress ink is always very effective.
For a cool finish look I love to use only some wax cremes,
here Metallic Lustre 'Lavish Green', Champagne Ice and 'Iced Espresso'.

 some close up's

 My  teamies at SASPC have come up with many
inspiring and different versions
on this Steampunk/ Industrial summer special challenge.

Please have a look and feel you inspired to create your own idea.
We are looking forward to see your new creations!

Happy summertime!


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