Samstag, 12. Januar 2019

Happy Mind for Calico Craft Parts

Welcome friends!

Today another winter inspiration project for a cozy home decoration. 

I was thinking on our dog, he loves the winter time and especially when it's snowing. 
Filou freaks out with the first snow and when we walking in the woods,
 he is full of enthusiasm and finds hardly an end.
No matter it storms or snows, his nose is in the snow and always looking for a new trail.

I used a thick wooden board from an 'One Euro Shop' as basic.
Together with some awesome wooden shapes from Calico Craft parts 
and some another self-made
wintery elements it's now an unique home decoration piece.
And even better, here in the warm home, I can enjoy the snowy winter landscape
 comfortably with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee 
without icicles on my nose and wet shoes

more details can you find here 

the big 'JOY' wooden letters were a perfect addition

 Many thanks for your visit!
Have a good time!

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