Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019

Winter Wonderland DT Dusty Attic Moodboard

Hello creative friends!

The winter has here begun and the first snowflakes dance from our sky, the magical time begins.
I was thinking on our dog, he loves the winter time and especially when it's snowing. 

Filou freaks out with the first snow and when we walking in the woods,
 he is full of enthusiasm and finds hardly an end. 
No matter it storms or snows, his nose is in the snow and always looking for a new trail.

I used a very wonderful paper from Maja Design as background suitable to our December Moodboard with shades of blue and brown. 
It's the paper sheet 'Winter Night' from the new collection 'Holiday in the Alps'.

isn't he adorable?!
 just waiting for someone to take him for a walk

Many thanks for your visit!

Have a good time!



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