Sonntag, 21. August 2022

DIY Book Nook with Tuto Tips - 'Steamies Adventures' Dusty Attic


Welcome creative friends!


Some time ago I presented you my first Garden Book Nook 

created with Dusty chipboards, it was a gift for a dear gardening friend 

and was very well received. 

Building Book Nooks has become a trendy theme and you can see 

many realistic miniature worlds inspired by great book themes. 


I had to build my first blank myself, 

now Dusty Attic has two matching very sturdy book nooks on offer. 

They are just great and inspired me together with the new marine mechanicals 

to create a book nook of a very different kind.


This time I chose the maritime steampunk world as a theme and positioned my favourite seahorse, 

(lovingly known here as Steamie 😀😍)

 in 3d optic in the foreground.

I thought about installing two thread rods so that I could fix the individual parts in place.
I tried it out and it works 😀😎

DIY Tips and Tricks 






 some close up's




used Dusty Attic chipboards


Blank Book Nook #1


Marine Mechanicals – Submarine small 

 Marine Mechanicals – Seahorse small 

 Industrial Cluster #4 

 Port Holes Small

Mini Cogs #3

Broken Chevrons small

Seaweed #3 

 Coral #2




I hope I could inspire you to try your very own Book Nook!
Thanks for your visit!
Happy crafting with 'Steamie' 😎 😍 😎


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